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Discone Antenna

Discone Antenna and Rainbow (173K) Discone during the Launch for Life (55K) The near 80 feet tall Discone was built by Collins Radio Company in the early 1960s and installed at its present location becoming operational 15th of July 1963 by the USAF until the site was deactivated in 1982. The antenna, since then, has been used only a few times by the Green Valley Amateur Radio Club for special events. Since 2007, the antenna has been used on a continuous basis by the Green Valley Amateur Radio Club and HAMS from around the world.

To use this Antenna

DSCN0139 (55K) We have been asked if it is possible to park your car close by and if we have a table etc. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

But, when museum closes you have to leave.


The elevation at the site is about 2,900 feet above sea level.
N 31 54'
W 110 59.9'

Discone antennas are a no gain broadband band antenna. The SWR (standing wave ratio) is typically 2:1 over the full range of 6 MHz to 30 MHz. The antenna, on a windy day, may be electrically noisy due to years of corrosion in all the joints.

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PLEASE ROLL UP THE RG8U COAX AND PLACE IT BACK IN THE ELECTRICAL BOX WHEN DONE. This may be your biggest challenge when using this great old antenna.

Sign posted under Antenna
Sign posted under the Discone Antenna at the Muesum

discone antenna (29K)

Sign on the coax storage
Sign on the coax storage box in the parking lot

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