WebSDR General Comments.

Online SDR Servers located around the world can enhance the Ham Radio Experience through Band/Frequency visualization as well as audio and signal control (bandwidth, Band Mode, and audio volume). WebSDR usage through your computer is Receive ONLY. Suggestions for using WebSDR are:

  1. Evaluating your Ham System
  2. Clearing a frequency before starting CQ call
  3. Enhanced Net experience with light to no propagation callers (Snowbird great example)
  4. Enhance/Expand DX experience (i.e. simple DX/Rag Chewing listening)
  5. SDR servers in General

To get started here are a few suggested links:

WebSDR Link: http://websdr.org/ Access to 172 Worldwide SDR Servers.

SDR.HU Link: http://SDR.HU/