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It is a good time to be a ham.

WebSDR from Beetle and Tom

Ray Soifer's Presentation of the 1921 cross ocean ham radio contact
given at the July 12, 2017 GVARC meeting by Cliff Philip.
You can also read the Post Script
as well as Ray's writeup on the 1921 Transatlantic Tests.

Cliff Philip's APRS Presentation from Feb 8, 2017

Antenna Restrictions? Lose the Mic

K7QO's Code Course Page Courtesy of W2RS

Flag Pole Antennas By Ray Soifer, W2RS

Ed Toal - Q's Communication

KISS FM By Ray Soifer, W2RS

Digital Modes Revisited, K2BN

A KISS Satellite Station By Ray Soifer, W2RS

W2RS's Mid-50's Station

Elephant Head Antenna Site

Enhancing a GVARC Repeater with EchoIRLP

Operating Practice Refresher

Guide to QSL cards and QSLing