Elephant Head Antenna Site

The mountain site from 1/2 mile away. (45K) Ever wonder what's up there?  Well let me tell you there's a lot of radio equipment up there. As we all know, the GVARC has two repeaters 145.29 & 449.375 at the Elephant Head site along with more commercial towers and radio equipment than most of us see in a life time.

On Saturday November 18th a group of GVARC members, headed by Bud Brown W8SXX along with Jack K6IZZ, Lloyd N7GV, Ron AA7RP, and Gene W0KAD drove up to the Elephant Head site.

 Ron AA7RP and Lloyd N7The Wild Bunch (86K)GV have offered to relieve Bud and Jack from doing the repeater maintenance and perhaps, in time, updating and adding equipment to the site. They wanted to look over the site and get a feeling for what they are getting into.

Which reminds me of the getting into part. The road up to the site is not for the faint of heart. A 4 wheel drive vehicle is a requirement.  It is not the sort of place you just stop by. However, after you have gotten there, the view and line of site from Mexico to Tucson is one most repeater owners would drool over.

Repeater Cabinet (44K)

Bud W8SXX and Jack K6IZZ with the 145.29 repeater (57K) Bud W8SXX and Jack K6IZZ with the 145.29 repeater on the left. On the right, Ron AA7RP and Bud W8SXX on the roof checking the club's 55 foot tower. Those are commercial towers in back of them. Ron AA7RP, Doug W7FDF and Bud W8SXX (50K)

GVARC tower with antennas (17K) On the left, the GVARC tower with the 145.29 antenna on top, the 449.375 antenna is side mounted below. On the right, the GVARC tower with commercial towers and the equipment building. tower with commercal towers and the equipment building (26K)