GVARC Meeting Minutes, August 8, 2018

President Rudy Sweisfurth, N7COP, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the SAV meeting room. Rudy welcomed the 35 members including 2 visitors ( John Fitzpatrick KI7ZSA and Ron Bailey who is visiting his Dad, Beetle).

Rudy had brought samples of long sleeve denim shirts that you could buy that evening. Logo, name, call sign could all be added at Custom Plus in Sahuarita.

Rudy introduced the officers and asked for their reports:

Vice President Beetle Bailey, K7GSB, just back from his trip.

Secretary, Jane Lang AD7NR announced that George Schouweiler N0RCL( our member in MN and brother to SK Gene) is asking for QSL cards from members of our Club. He has sent some and Jane will distribute soon. She will get in touch with those George has especially asked about but would welcome any and all QSL cards for George. Please contact Jane on contact page if you have one to give.

>Treasurer Bob Call, K7RWC was away and Rudy gave the financial report. You can request a membership list from Bob Call. Just email him at Treasurer@gvarc.us. The website contacts page will lead you right to him.

Club Station Manager and Special Events, Tom Lang, K7VOA reported no special events at this time. The Tech class will be in October or January. Please stay tuned.

Mgt_18_08_08_1 (129K) Website Manager, Jon Otto, AD7GS reported 205 hits on our website from all over the world. Michael Tannenbaum K2BN article "It is a good time to be a ham" is now on the website, on the Technical page.

Technical Director Ron Phillips, AA7RP back from his trip reported all is well.

Emergency Communications Coordinator Norm Kibby, W5UJ not present.

Program Director Tom Smith K7AFA compiled the Elmer survey that many members took and has the printed document ready to distribute. It contains some very helpful information and will be useful. If you would like to request a copy, please go to contacts page on the website and look for Tom Smith. You can then email your request.

Drive Out Co-ordinator, Linda Boeck KF7UGO-xyl. Linda has several ideas lined up for the fall. If you have suggestions for her, please contact her through the contacts page.

Rudy asked for old and new business. None.

Mtg_18_08_08_Jeff (97K) Program: Jeff Babcock presented a movie talk on his adventures about a 30 mile hike with all your provisions on your back in Canyon-lands along with Friends and Brother and Daughter. It was well done and very entertaining. Thank you Jeff.

Rudy gave out 5 door prizes.

Meeting adjourned

Jane Lang, AD7NR