GVARC Meeting Minutes, April 11, 2018

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President Dale Lang, AA1SZ, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the SAV meeting room. Dale welcomed the 47 members and visitors. Access through the SAV door requires someone opening the door from the inside. If anyone would like to be the door opener, please let Dale know. Also if you come after 7 when the meeting has started, you will need to call one of the members inside so they can come and open the door for you.

A former member, Neal KE7BTC, returned and joined again. His daughter Karen drove him here from Tucson. Jerryu WA7BUY brought items for the swap and joined as a member. Max K8BT and John N7GHB from Mexico and Al KE7KD all attended.

The Drive Out is Tuesday, April 24th. Meet at 10:30 at new parking lot at GV library. Car pool then to Beyond Bread for lunch. The Miniature Time Machine Museum tour is at 1:15.

Dale called on the officers for their reports:

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Vice President Rudy Sweisfurth, N7COP present

Secretary, Jane Lang AD7NR

Treasurer Bob Call, K7RWC gave a financial report.

Club Station Manager and Special Events, Tom Lang, K7VOA

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Website Manager, Jon Otto, AD7GS was away.

Technical Director Ron Phillips, AA7RP present.

Emergency Communications Coordinator Norm Kibby, W5UJ was away.

Old or new business. none

Program Director Cliff Philip, N2CDP, was away.

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Meeting adjourned ---

Jane Lang, AD7NR