GVARC Meeting Minutes, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentineís Day All

President Dale Lang, AA1SZ, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the SAV meeting room. Dale welcomed the 40 members with guest speaker and his wife.

Dale reported that the Road Cleanup on Saturday, February 10th went very well. We had 12 members do the work.

Dale called upon the officers for their reports:

Vice President Rudy Sweisfurth, N7COP, said all was well.

Secretary, Jane Lang AD7NR, greeted all and wished them Happy Valentine's Day. Too bad Barb Doehring was away with her daughter or we would have sung Happy Birthday to her. Too bad, K7POO moved to MI or we would have sung happy birthday to her for the 15th.

Treasurer Bob Call, K7RWC, gave the treasurerís report and reported that we have 115 members. Through the year the number will climb to around 125 or more. We had 2 pay dues this night.

Club Station Manager and Special Events, Tom Lang, K7VOA, was away.

Website Manager, Jon Otto, AD7GS, reported on reaching the officers through the website and asking if anyone would like to take pictures of the events? Pictures are on the website under past events.

Technical Director Ron Phillips, AA7RP, reported all equipment is in good shape.

Emergency Communications Coordinator Norm Kibby, said he just received the packet of information from Dee AD7NM, former Coordinator.

Old or new business. In thinking of members who havenít been to activities, members should call them and check on their status and the Secretary will send them a card. If anyone knows of a better way to handle this, we would like to know.

Program Director Cliff Philip, N2CDP, introduced the speaker, Richard Rosenthal, retired New York Police Detective and Wells Fleet MA Police Chief, and his wife, Frauke. The power point presentation informed us about police and their actions and what our responsibility is. Frauke sold a few books written by Richard and edited by Frauke while Richard answered questions after the meeting.

Meeting adjourned ---

Jane Lang, AD7NR