Green Valley Amateur Radio Club

Board Meeting Minutes

A meeting of the Board and requested members at large of the Green Valley Amateur Radio Club was held on 18 Dec 2018 at 9 A.M.

In attendance were:

Bob Call, K7RWC, Treasurer Gary (Beetle) Bailey, K7GSB
Tom Lang, K7VOA Bob Junke, W7REJ
Ron Phillips, AA7RP Rick Rogers, KF7ZKA
Tom Smith, K7AFA Ed Toal, N9MW

Thank you to Tom Smith for hosting the meeting.

Beetle chaired the meeting.

Where we are as a club right now:

Ed Toal agreed to oversee the Reflector

Bob Call as the only current board member at the meeting approved Gary Bailey as the Acting President, Ron Phillips as the Acting Vice President, and Rick Rogers as the Acting Secretary.

Ron Phillips nominated and Bob Call seconded the following as a Nominating Committee. Bill Hannold, K9CHN as Chair, and Roger Johnson, K5IP and Joe Pinter, KK7DB as members. All three were approved by voice vote of the Board. Beetle will notify the membership via the Reflector.

Tom Smith led a review of the proposed bylaws. Suggested changes will be made. Ron Phillips made a motion to accept the proposed bylaws as revised and to submit the proposed bylaws to the club membership for review. Bob Call seconded the motion. A voice vote of the Board approved the motion. Tom will make the changes and send the proposed bylaws to Beetle who will then send them out by email to the club membership ASAP. Members will have until 2 January 2019 to review and submit comments. The proposed bylaws will be voted on at the 9 January 2019 monthly club meeting.

The Board voted to again take on a public service project and will contact the Town of Sahuarita to again do roadside clean up. Tom Lang will contact the town.

Meeting was adjourned at 11:10 A.M.