GVARC Meeting Minutes, GVARC December 14, 2017

Last meeting of 2017 and Christmas Party

Anne_George_Ray_Sandy (112K)

69 members and friends gathered at American Legion across from the Titan Museum at 5pm.

At 6 pm Rudy N7COP gave the invocation and mentioned and honored our SKís.

We were served our choice of Chicken cordon bleu or pork ribs by very efficient and happy staff under Jenniferís guidance.

As all were eating their desserts, Dale AA1SZ conducted a brief meeting.

Officers of 2017 have agreed to serve for 2018: Dale AA1SZ, President, Rudy N7COP, Vice President, Bob K7RWC, Treasurer and Jane AD7NR, Secretary.

Santa, Tom K7VOA, took charge and he and his helper, Ron AA7RP, started the drawings for the gifts.

Many happy gift holders left at about 8pm.

  • Joe K7DDB and Wanda Pinta gave so many gifts, Barb Doehring gave her wonderful rum balls, Gene W0KAD gave unique gifts, Joanne Newkirk donated gifts. Others also donated.
  • Ken Van Horn took pictures, Susanne Phillips contributed the table decorations and a gift to each at their place setting.
  • Wanda gave a wearable ornament to each lady.
  • Vickie Lang and Mary Ann Van Horn helped with the decorations and Vickie wrapped all the gifts!

Thank you to all who helped and contributed.

The pictures from Ken show the happy groups.

We are grateful to all who have served our Country.

It was good to see the individuals who dressed in their uniforms.

Thank you to all.

AA1SZ conducting the meeting (382K)
Barb and Ann and George (418K) Beatle_Ed_Bill_Sharon (105K)
Bill_Sharon_Sharon_Tom_S (113K) Carmen_Sig_Earl_Joanne_Joe_Wanda (93K)
Carolyn_Joanne_Gary_Ron_Dee (87K) Gene, Rudym Glenn, Dianne, Roger, Susie (78K)
Gene_and_Susie_and_Nina (557K) Mary_Ann_and_Ken (589K)
Gene (33K) Mlitary_service_honored (66K)
Pam_and_Sharon (501K) Jim_Norm_Kathy_Inge_Jeannie (89K)
Paul_Jack_Jan_Rebe_Cliff_Thomas_Lynette (102K) Ron_P_Jane_Dale_Tom_Vickie_Mary_Ann (97K) Susanne_provided_all_the_decorations (61K)
Jennifer_and_Wonderful_Workers (507K)

Jane Lang, AD7NR

Santa_calling_to_his_helper_Ron (40K)