GVARC Meeting Minutes, November 8, 2017

President Dale Lang, AA1SZ, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the SAV meeting room. Dale welcomed 50 members and guests. Guests were Shirley Miel, Ken Van Kirk N7NCL and Ruth Van Kirk W6MQE, Kerry Van Kirk (Ken’s Dad), Darrow N. and Mike Boger W7IJ, Assistant Section Manager of ARRL, who discovered that most of us are ARRL members and a few life members and we have quite a few VE’s. He announced that Vanity plate costs of $25 , $17 goes back to ARRL. There were 91 new hams in AZ this month.

Memorial service for Don Davies AE7QB (SK), November 24th at GV Mortuary. Watch for blast outs.

We were invited last minute to the Emergency Drill with Cochise County, Tom and Dale attended the drill at the GV hospital. GV is within the 100 mile radius of a white powder emergency. Plans are to do this periodically, so volunteers from the GVARC will be welcomed. Repeater system was with EARS -147.16MHz

Oct. 28, White Elephant Parade- net operation -went very well.

Road Clean up, Oct 19th – 8 turned out including Bunny, Lloyd’s daughter, who came in his place.

Nov. 7, Memorial for Lloyd Miller N7GV (SK) was held in Carolyn’s and Lloyd’s church with their family attending. Cherry pie and ice cream were served. 34 or more attended from our club. It was a good remembrance of Lloyd.

Dale called upon the officers for their reports:

Vice President Rudy Sweisfurth, N7COP, greeted all.

Secretary, Jane Lang AD7NR, Christmas Party is Dec. 14th and right now 47 diners have paid. Turn in your reservation by Nov. 30.

Treasurer Bob Call, K7RWC, reported on the finances. He is now taking dues – still just $10 - for the coming year. He also took Christmas Party dinner money ($20 per person) for the Dec. 14th party. You can mail him the money for the Christmas Party or for dues. If you want a hat, contact Custom Plus, who have some nice club hats - $25.

Club Station Manager and Special Events, Tom Lang, K7VOA, Tom requested and received a radio from John Super W2CRS, for the club station that will hold more than 4 frequencies. Thank you John W2CRS.

Tom attended the after White Elephant parade meeting and reported the SAV appreciated our work. We had 15 ham operators present and working.

Nov. 4’s the special event in honor of Lloyd Miller, went very well. We had 240 contacts with many States and 11 Countries including Panama, the Netherlands, Belgium and Japan, Latvia, Italy, Slovinia, with 550 look ups on GVARC.US. It will be an annual event on the first Saturday of November.

Driveout Coordinator, Gene Shouweiler ,W0KAD No drive outs planned at this moment.

Website Manager, Jon Otto, AD7GS, reported not too many hits on the website for October, but look at GVARC.US for pictures and minutes.

Technical Director Ron Phillips, AA7RP, reported that much of the equipment has been updated but the IRLP and echo link needs one more replacement. Seems much of the Equipment went dead and they are replacing them as they go.

Emergency Communications Coordinator Dee Gross, AD7NM, not present.

Old or new business. – none at this time

Program Director Cliff Philip, N2CDP, introduced Jerry Miel for tonight's program. Next month’s program is the Christmas Party.

Working in a third world country -Jerry Miel, W6XL, presented pictures and dialogue about his life as a missionary and engineer and work in Haiti (poor and mountainest and beautiful people). Jerry designed radio towers and equipment and installed them and taught the Haitians to do this. Radio Lumineer (Radio light). Very good talk.

Meeting adjourned ---

Jane Lang, AD7NR

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