Minutes for the GVARC meeting, August 9, 20l7

There were 36 people in attendance.

Rudy N3COP, Vice President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.† He introduced himself and me as substituting for Dale and Jane. He then gave a brief update on Lloyd, he's improving but needs to eat and walk to regain his strength.

Rudy asked if there were any visitors, there were none.† And also for new members, there were three, Tom and Sharon Smith from Washington state who are moving into Quail Creek, and former member John Long (wife Sidney,)† introduced a new member Walt Alpiger W4KMX.

Rudy called on Bob Call for the treasurer's report which he gave.

Tom Lang was called on for special events.† He said there were none planned but he asked if there was any interest in a Winter Field Day at the Cone Antenna, some interest was shown, but it was also noted that it would include a January night,† that may have killed any interest.

Gene reported there were no drive out events planned after Rudy explain about our drive outs that they were usually short drives to interesting and educational places and also included food.

Clark reported that quite a few people at the Preparedness meeting at the Mormon Church were interested in getting their radio license's and wondered how Lloyd's condition would impact the classes.† There was some discussion but the feeling seemed to be it would get done.

Jon, said there had been "hits" on GVARC.US from 28 countries most from the U.S.

Ron reported there was a transmission problem with the 27 but the problem was not up† the hill, but on the roof and that since Pima County now had jurisdiction over the roof, it was going to be a problem jumping thru hoops dealing with the bureaucrats and also probably expensive.

Rudy said the club was in good financial shape. And he also noted that Walt, the new member had brought in some mobile antennas if any one was interest.

Cliff was introduced and he said the program next month would be about the Hubble telescope.† He then introduced George Schmid and Frank Novotny from the Nogales Border Patrol Station.

Frank gave a very interesting and informative talk about the duty and mission of the Border Patrol.† There were many questions asked and answered.

The meeting and program ended at 8:30 P.M.† though some people stayed to ask more questions.

As a side note, there were only 4 women in attendance, me, Linda Epstein, new member Sharon Smith and a women I don't know.

Submitted by: Barbara Doehring substituting for Jane Lang