GVARC Meeting Minutes, May 10, 2017

President Dale Lang, AA1SZ, called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm in the SAV meeting room. Dale welcomed the 40 members with one guest, Myah, (Bruce and Cathy Tewksbury's grand daughter).

Road clean up at 9 am this Saturday and Military cross band operations are also on Saturday.

Field Day will be June 24 and 25 with Friday setup, and all day Saturday through Sunday morning. Operations will be similar to past years and Tom K7VOA will have more on this.

Dale called upon the officers for their reports:

Vice President Rudy Sweisfurth, N7COP, reported all is in order.

Secretary, Jane Lang AD7NR, greeted all. Minutes and a picture or two are on website under newsletters and look under past events as well.

Treasurer Bob Call, K7RWC, was away. He will report the finances in June. Tom reported Custom Plus had moved and is working out of their home. Phone number is the same.

Club Station Manager and Special Events, Tom Lang, K7VOA, reported on the Special Event for our annual Titan Missile Discone Cage antenna operation. It was held at the club station since the winds were up to 30 miles per hour. See past events on the website, which includes a photo. 36th anniversary of the club will be held in June – no date announced at this time. Bands have been not so good these days and we hope for better ones for Field Day. Since starting special events we have had 10,153 contacts, all 50 states, and 129 countries. We are not doing too badly.

Driveout Coordinator, Gene Shouweiler, W0KAD– was away. No drive outs planned at this moment.

Education, Lloyd Miller, N7GV, reported on the first SnowBird net (May through Sept.) held today. Lloyd reported 8 joined. As far as classes - he was contacted by Gary Warell, to see what classes we have. If 5 or more sign up then Lloyd will have a tech class which is a total of 10 hours, and covers every test question and the results are quite good. If someone wants to take the general or extra, then Lloyd will have a session around the table and expect the person to do self study but he will be available to answer questions.

Website Manager, Jon Otto, AD7GS, reported we had contacts from many countries outside the USA.

Jon received a thank you note from a son and his Mom for our link page. The son Liam is very interested in Ham Radio and he found the resources very helpful. But, Liam noticed that we did not have a link to “How to be a storm spotter from Home”– so Jon has added it. Jon doesn't know where they live but that is no matter.

Technical Director Ron Phillips, AA7RP, reported all equipment in good shape.

Emergency Communications Coordinator Dee Gross, AD7NM, was away.

Old or new business. None at this time

The April 15th – Transmitter (Fox) hunt – was a success We had a good time. Thanks to K3BAT for being the fox.

50 friends and members gathered at the Picnic held on April 20th at Madera Canyon. Lots of good food and conversation. N2CDP cooked this time and did very well, and W0KAD and family members secured the spot.

GVARC May 10 Bruce K3BAT (381K) Program Director Cliff Philip, N2CDP, was away.

Tonight's Program – A history of ham radio by Bruce K3BAT. Dale introduced Bruce and the program. Beetle, K7GSB prepared the computer presentation. One interesting fact was why the USA does not manufacture all the electronics we use today and Japan and China do. The information elicited many interested comments from those attending. Bruce has more to say and he has been asked to give another talk.

We sang Happy Birthday to Carolyn Miller AB7KC as May 10 is her day.

Meeting adjourned ---

Jane Lang, AD7NR