First Annual Lloyd Miller Memorial Special Event

Tom K7VOA set up the station at the Titan Missile Museum on Saturday, November 4, to honor our dear Friend Lloyd Miller. 25 Ham Operators and friends visited the station under cloudy but warm skies. Present were K7VOA and Vickie, Dale AA1SZ and grandson Daniel who logged, Inge and Jim KE7ATD, Theo K7DMT, John W2CRS, Paul N5PDG and Linda, Tom K7AFA and Sharon KF7YJW, Jim KF7UGO, and Linda B, Tom W0MOT, Pam and Beetle k7GSB and Bruce K7BAT, Joe KK7DB, Ric, Linda AD7FP and Bob AD7NQ,Roger K5IP, Richard MSW, Ron AA1RP, Rudy K7COP, AND Jane AD7NR.

Members calling in were Jim K7BIE and Linda K7POO, Sharon KA9GPY and Bill N9CHN.

20171104_103345 (109K) 20171104_103404 (91K) 20171104_103521 (542K)
20171104_121339 (400K) 20171104_103742 (403K) 20171104_113258 (324K)

Photos were taken by Jane Lang, AD7NR