GVARC Snow Bird Net History

The net control for many years was Bob Lindstaedt, W6PGK. Bob lived in Sahuarita, just north of what is now the Sahuarita Plaza shopping mall, and ran a large Alpha amplifier to a Force 12 beam at 90 feet. When he got on the air, the interference went away. At that time, the net ran from the May meeting date to the October meeting date.

Bob passed away in the spring of 2008, and for two years the net was run from the GVARC club station by several operators, notably Gene, W0KAD.

I moved back to Green Valley from Fredericksburg, Texas, in the fall of 2009. At Lloyd's, N7GV, suggestion, I took over the net beginning in 2010. My 20-meter station runs about 700 watts PEP from a Collins 30L-1 amplifier to a Hy-Gain AV620 elevated vertical. It's obviously not as powerful as Bob's was, but the low-angle radiation from the AV620 helps We could not run the net without the help we receive from our Wisconsin contingent, notably Bill, N9CHN, using Bob's Alpha, and Ed, N9MW, with his stacked array. Together, the group is able to keep the net going.

In 2010 the net continued to run until the October meeting date, but the schedule was discussed at a club meeting and, also at Lloyd's suggestion, the present schedule was adopted beginning in 2011. So, since then the net runs from the May to September meeting dates.

73 Ray W2RS