June 23-24 Field Day 2018

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The AARL Field Day is over for GVARC for 2018. Our location continued to be at the recently remodled Green Valley Fire District Training Center. This year we had 23 participants, including those who came for the potluck, then moved on with their day.

Our Information Table was ready for anyone who walked in off the street!

The Fire Captain and his sidekick, came to check on us and enjoy the 11:30 potluck

9 GVARC Operators made 751 contacts over the 24 hour period. Bob Newkirk's 468 contacts on CW, Ray Soifer's Satellite Contact and Lou Navarro's 14 Teletype (Digital) contacts all earned double points. The 268 phone contacts and the double multiplier for 150 watts or less allowed us to garnered us 2,468 QSO Points. We claimed 650 bonus points for a grand total of 3,118 points for 2018. we forgot to put the announcement in the GV News this year!

We used two dipole antenna using the light posts and a fiberglass whip for support and two vertical antenna. None were on the flat top roof of the firestation. Two Generators provided us with power through the night.

Last year we claimed a total of 2,384 points.

This year, we had wind but the temperatures were near 100 instead of 110 to 115 as in past years. Of course the airconditioning still helped. Thank you to all who participated.

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