June 25-26 Field Day 2016

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FieldDay 2016 found us at the Green Valley Fire District Headquarters!

We assemble a number of antenna which are supported by push up poles lashed to mounts on the parapit of the Training Center. Our hosts and invited officials of a supported agency (AKA the EMT's and Firefighters) pitch in and keep our members on the ground - for the most part. The beam antenna takes a bit longer to remember how all the elements are assembled.

We swap out two generators to power the two radios. When the Radios shut down, it is time to swap generators.

We use one station (near) for 40 and 80 meters and the second station for 20 and 15 meters. At night, we turn out the florecent lights and swap them for some incandecent lighting.

The Foresmans made sure there was something to keep the night crew going, along with the left overs from Saturday's potluck lunch.

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Thank you to Jim Forsman k7bie for the photos. Jim's Selected Field Day Photos Scoring accumulated by Jon Otto and Tom Lang