2018 Spring Picnic

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50 plus Ham radio operators and friends and pets met at the picnic sight in Madera Canyon, thanks to Sharon and Ed Toal who arrived at 7:45 to save the spot. Soon we had 20 gathering and so Ron Phillips started cooking brats and hamburgers and some began eating around 10:40. Inge and Jim brought iced water in bottles. So many delicious dishes from salsa and chips to salads both fruit and vegetables plus baked beans and deviled eggs and shrimp to desserts - cookies and cakes and pies cooked apples, lemon meringue pie and German chocolate cake and many many more. It was a feast. Thanks to everyone we had a wonderful time and good visits with winter residents who will soon be leaving. A few new faces popped up as well.

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20180405_100912_cropped (124K) A reminder for next time - make sure you have your National Park pass to display in your car or leave the required dollars in the box out front. Parking was a bit of a problem since many birders were parking in the spaces all around.

Photos by Jane Lang and Ken Van Horn
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