Mirror Lab Driveout - November 16, 2018

Events-2018-11-16-MirrorLab-IMG_3409 (1508K)
What the installed mirrors will look like
10 members of GVARC visited the Richard M. Caris Mirror Lab at UA to see the work being done for the Magellan telescope in the mountains of Chile.
Seven mirrors, each 28 feet in diameter and costing $22 million are being produced at the lab, the only one in the world that makes these mirrors.
One is done and 3 more are under construction.
Construction of the facility has begun.
Completion is anticipated for 2025.
Events-2018-11-16-MirrorLab-IMG_3416 (1627K)
The glass which goes into the mirror
Events-2018-11-16-MirrorLab-IMG_3411 (1913K)
Preparing the oven for firing the glass
Events-2018-11-16-MirrorLab-IMG_3412 (1627K)
The lid of the oven
Events-2018-11-16-MirrorLab-IMG_3418 (536K)
Testing the mirror for accuracy during the polishing process
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