GVARC Fall Picnic October 18, 2018

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35 members and friends gathered for a beautiful day in Anamax Park. Some hiked from the road all the way down to pavilion 4. Some knew where it was and others stopped at the office to ask how to get there. Seems there is a drive a few hundred feet farther than the main entrance, where you take a right, then another right and you drive straight towards the large pavilion. Easy peasy. Thanks goes to Mary and Ken Van Horn and Vickie Lang for setting up the tables. Jim Otey delivered as promised – ice cold water bottles.

We put up the Schouweiller Family picture of Gene WOKAD SK, his brother George N0RCL, a member and George’s son.

Ron Phillips grilled beautifully and Ken Hall helped with the brats, as did Tom Lang pouring on the charcoal. Everyone put their good food of salads, desserts, and all sorts of dishes on the tables. We ate a little after 11:30 and had good conversations. Some helped clear up the table cloths and help put them away for another picnic day.

Hope you enjoy the photos by Susanne Phillips!

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