2018 Titan Anniversary Special Event

20180505_082431 (482K) May 5, 2018, we met for our annual event at Titan Missile Museum Dis Cage Antenna to use this wonderful 53 year old antenna. 18 members and friends gathered throughout the operating time. Tom K7VOA set up and Norm W5UJ and Clark KF7CM were first on the scene. Dale AA1SZ and Daniel and Jane AD7NR came soon after and Tom started operating with Daniel and Dale logging. Thanks to Jim KE7ATD and Inge for cold water, and Norm for the turnovers and Linda Boeck for guacamole and chips. Dale and Jane and Don KG7ITK and Tom K7AFA also operated. We enjoyed visiting and Tom reported 210 contacts from USA and a few countries around the world. 600 some contacts were made to QRZ on behalf of this event.

Thank you for supporting the club.
20180505_082503 (407K)