2017 Green Valley Amateur Radio Club's Ladies Valentine Special Event

Radio conditions were good at the beginning with contacts from Germany, Italy, Belgium, Mexico, Canada and many states. Club members W2RS and W0KAD checked in early. W9RNF, KA9GPY and AD7NR had a good time operating and logging. Many stateside contacts said they were happy to catch the special events of our Club.

Thanks goes to Tom K7VOA for his usual good set up all the radio and other equipment. K7FCM came early to set up.

N9CHN, N9MW, AA1SZ, N9NNN, K7ATD, AD7NM and others provided good food as can be seen in the pictures. And all who stopped by had a good chat and good food.

Randy Walker, KB7MBV, took these pictures. Thanks also goes to K7BIE and K7POO for starting this event.
IMG_0001 IMG_0006 IMG_0007
IMG_0008 IMG_0390 IMG_0391
Photos by Randy Walker, KB7MBV