Titan Picnic Table Work Party

Friday, January 13th, 2012

PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-031 (53K) About 21 of us gathered at the Titan Museum discone picnic table to watch and work and eat. Including the three club members that where just waiting for the rest of us to finish -- Wiley Coyotee, Ground Hog and Chicken Hawk. -- Hi Hi PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-032 (72K)
PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-033 (81K) We had a generator, 3 electric sanders, a spray painter and primer and battleship grey paint. PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-034 (80K)
PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-035 (76K) Several worked very hard sanding and painting - others provided some delicious hotdogs, chili chips, cookies and drinks. \ We even made a few "chili cogs". Some of us enjoyed the company and the sun. Thanks to all ----- PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-036 (66K)
PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-037 (70K) PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-038 (63K) PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-039 (71K)
PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-041 (66K) PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-042 (64K) PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-043 (63K)
PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-044 (63K) PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-045 (57K) PicnicTableWorkParty-2012-040 (58K)
Photos by Don Doehring and Chuck Penson