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Green Valley is not known for being in an area of weather-related disasters. However, we are close to an international border, where terrorist and illegal activity could occur, and there are always causes for unexpected emergencies in any area. We can have flood conditions, especially in some of our washes, which may call for emergency help and even snow on some of our higher mountains. With cell phones, we now have advantages we have not had in the past. However, if power is out, our cell phones cannot function for long either.

The importance of being prepared for an emergency cannot be overstressed. As amateur radio operators, we have some tools the average person does not which help us to find out what is happening and where help is needed. Most of us have HTs which we can use when power outages occur. Also, in case of overloaded 911 dispatchers, we can call for or hear calls for help.

Below are emergency nets that meet as follows:

There is an invitation for any hams to listen and participate and we would encourage more Green Valley volunteers to participate in the Home Unit net.

For information for Homeland Security, FEMA, and other emergency information, go to www.Ready.gov. We also have copies of a brochure, “Plan, Prepare and Protect”, put out by the Pima County Health Department. They will be available at GVARC regular meetings along with copies of some important information and phone numbers.

We will continue to add information to this website and encourage you to prepare individually for any emergency that may happen.

Our Sheriff’s Department is always reachable by dialing 911; however, keep your HT charged and ready in case of power outage. There are some HOAs that have their own plans of action, but the Fire Chief has stated that the closest recreation center, church or school may be directed to be a shelter in case of emergency. Have an emergency container with such items as a sleeping bag, dried food, water, extra prescription medicine, flashlight, extra pair of eyeglasses and first aid items easily accessible to pick up and take with you.

Have a place where you have decided to meet in case family members get separated. Know where your closest hospital/urgent care clinic is located.

And HOPE that we will never need to use these precautions.

Dee Gross, AD7NM,
Emergency Coordinator for the GVARC