GVARC Emergency Action Plan

What To Do and When To Do It

We here in Green Valley had an electrical outage for about an hour and a half on Tuesday morning. During the outage I went down to the SAV building to see if there was anything I could do to help. The good thing was the power outage was spotty with only a few areas effected.

It however got me thinking a little more about what we as Ham's can do. and when can we do it.

I have suggested to a few folks that if you can, come up on 145.29 repeater whenever you are wondering about what is going on in the area. A couple stations did that Tuesday and I was able to give the SAV folks a little more information about an area of town that they did not know was out of power. This would only be a starting place but at least we would all have a place to start.

I would like to see all of us think a little more about what local ham radio operators could do in an emergency here in Green Valley. If you have some ideas lets get them out there and lets get a better idea of what to do and when to do it.

Send them to the Webmaster or myself and we can post them on the comment page, and maybe others will build on those ideas.


It's an old thing not a new thing.

I found out that the GVARC has had an Emergency Plan in the past which in effect is what was forming in my mind when I wrote the email "What to Do and When to do it." Which of course brings me to the realization that not many newer members including myself have any idea what the GVARC would hope to do in times of an Emergency. I think we need to revisit, review, and renew a plan for "What To Do and When To Do It."

Food For Thought

Some times we get focused on what happens in the "BIG ONE" when maybe we should be thinking a little about the local event that could be a critical event if I or one of my neighbors are involved.

Of major concern to the first responders and the neighborhood folks is what to do if some one needs to make a 911 call. when the electricity is out. Remember cordless telephones will not work !! A Good tip is to have one hard wire phone in your home.

Diane KC7TJH gave me an update at breakfast this morning of what she and fellow hams in her subdivision have been doing when power or phones go out. They have let their HOA know they are Hams and have the ability to get 911 type messages out.

This raises the question of how the HOA feels about hams. Some of us have the feeling the less the HOA knows about our Ham radio activities the better, or possibly this would be a way to educate our neighbors around us. Or would it would focus their attention in a way that would not be good for us as everyday radio operators.


The simplicity of all this makes a lot of sense. All we need to help is a hand held (HT) radio and someone on 145.29 repeater outside the local effected area that is willing to make a 911 call. Of course the more of us on the repeater the better coverage and the more effective we could be.

Again, I would hope all of you will give a lot of thought about what can be done and what we are willing to do for our community. Lets talk it up and try to put together at least some simple plans.

73 Gene WKAD
GVARC President